School Parent/Guardian & Student Handbook 2012-2013
Administrative Information

Principal's Message - Mr. David Falade
School bells start to ring on September 4th, 2012 for schools over in Frontier, Gillam School included. This marks teh beginning of another school year, so I welcome everyone to 2012/2013 school year.
Outlook for the year looks promising as we have tweaked our information dissemination strategies for effectiveness having taken your input into consideration. You may also notice that the handbook format and content underwent a major transformation. The changes are in part due to suggestions coming to us from parent/guardians, students, staff and community members at large. I hope the changes are for the better.
For this new school year, Gillam School gained new students due to transfers and we welcome them. Help me in welcoming additional staff that joined us this school year. Mr. Ryan Thompson is the new Eearly and Middle Years Physical Education Teacher; joining us from Ontario. Mr. Blair McCulloch who now takes the helm of the Senior Physical Education program is also from Ontario. Our new Industrial Arts/Fine Arts teacher Mr. Kirk Sauer is from British Columbia.
Congratulations to Mrs. Jennifer Alcock for completing her Education degree from Brandon University. This year Mrs. Alcock will be teaching Cree language to Early and Middle Years Students and also team teaching in Grade 3 along with Mrs. Nancy Findlay.
School Mission Statement
It is the mission of Gillam School to provide safe, positive learning opportunities, to foster success for all learners and promote life-long achievement.
Important Phone Numbers
AWASIS (Child & Family Services of the North)----------204-652-5684
Community Health Services-----------------------------------204-652-2669
Frontier School Division Area 1 Office (Thompson)-------204-677-6744
Frontier School Division Main Office (Winnipeg)----------204-775-9741
Gillam Hospital-------------------------------------------------204-652-2600
Public Health---------------------------------------------------204-652-2544
Staff Members
Principal                                                                   Mr. Falade
Vice-Principal                                                          Dr. Sandra Jack-Malik
Secretary                                                                 Mrs. Connie Coquyt
Clerk 1                                                                     Ms. Katharina Henrichs
Library Specialist                                                   Mrs. Helene Besaw
Very Early Years                                           
P.E.E.R                                                                    Mrs. Dana Muzyczka
Junior Kindgarten                                                      Mrs. Betty Anne Wilkinson
Kindergarten                                                             Mrs. Christine Chuckry
Early Years
Grade 1                                                                     Mrs. Dorota Walkoski
                                                                                 Mrs. Krista Semenchuk
Grade 2                                                                     Ms. Lauren Campeau
                                                                                 Mrs. Carol Shand
Grade 3                                                                     Mrs. Cheryl Einarsson
Grade 3/Cree                                                             Mrs. Jenny Alcock
Grade 3/French                                                          Mrs. Nancy Findlay
Grade 4                                                                     Mrs. Barbara Harvey
                                                                                 Ms. Jenny Lou Villeneuve
Middle Years 
Grade 5/6                                                                    Mrs. Cindy Handspiker
                                                                                  Ms. Julie Perepeluk
                                                                                  Ms. Hillary Walker
Grade 7                                                                      Mr. William Harvey
Grade 7/8                                                                   Mrs. Sharon Funk
Grade 8                                                                      Mr. Michael Fitze
Junior Kindergarten to Gr 8 Physical Education             Mr. Ryan Thompson
High School
English Language Arts                                                Mrs. Cherie Neckoway
Mathematics                                                               Mr. Jim Fitzgerald
Mathematics, Science & Social Studies                        Mrs. Kim Merasty
Outreach                                                                    Mrs. Tracey Howell
Physical Education & Mathematics                              Mr. Blair McCulloch
Science                                                                      Mr. Mark Turnbull
Social Studies & History                                              Mr. Joel Alcock
Adult Education                                                           Mr. Ron Jason
Fine Art & Industrial Arts                                            Mr. Kirk Sauer
Fox Lake Home School Coordinator                             Mrs. Alrene Massan
Guidance                                                                     Mr. Rick Lockyer
Reading                                                                       Ms. Elaine Hayle
Resource                                                                     Mrs. Marg Lockyer
Educational Assistants                                       
Mrs. Molly Beardy                                                       Ms. Mary McTavish
Mrs. Gail(Karen) DePratto                                           Mr. Dave Neckoway
Mrs. Marcy Dick                                                         Mrs. Mary Ellen Phin
Mrs. Jennifer Janvier                                                    Mrs. Rajni Sahota
Mrs. Laurinda Jason                                                     Mrs. Terri Stewart
Mrs. Daylene King                                                       Mrs. Sherry Turton
Mrs. Patsy Kutzner                                                      Mrs. Marian Walker
Ms. Tracey Lesnick                                                     Mrs. Shelley Wenstob
Maintenance                                                                Mr. Volodymyr (Walter) Ivanishiv
Maintenance Custodian                                                Mrs. Iryna Ivanishiv
Head Custodian                                                           Mr. John Crait
Custodians                                                                  Mrs. Qi Huang
                                                                                  Mr. Rodney Lowe
                                                                                  Mrs. Lillian Playford
Gillam School Advisory Committee
The Gillam School Advisory Committee meets regularly throughout each month of the school year. The meetings are open to the general public. Please check the monthly school calendar for dates.
Committee Members:
Bev Daigneault                                                             Arlene Massan
Lindsay Hessian                                                            Brad Minary
Russ Howell                                                                  Rachelle Naherny
Mike Kapeluch                                                              Jayson Oliver
Vern Laing
School Calendar for 2012-2013
1             Parent/Guardian Teacher Night for Grades 9-12 @ 6pm-8pm
6             NO SCHOOL for Junior Kindergarten to Grade 4
7             Take your Kids to Work Day for Grade 9 Students
9             Remembrance Day Service (prepared by the history class)
12           Administration Day NO SCHOOL for Junior Kindergarten - Grade 12
13           Picture Retake Day for Junior Kindergarten - Grade 8
19-23      Artist in the School for Grades 5-8
23           First Report Cards issued for Junior Kindergarten - Grade 8
26-27      Student Led Conferences for Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten NO SCHOOL for Junior    
              Kindergarten and Kindergarten
27           Parent/Guardian/Teacher Night for Grades 1-8 @ 5:45pm-7:30pm
4             Staff Meeting-Early Dismissal @ 2:30pm for Junior Kindergarten-Grade 12
18-20     Term 1 Final Exams for Grades 9-12
19           Winter Concert @ 7pm in gym (Doors open at 6:45pm)
21           Last day of School before Christmas Holidays; Early Dismissal at 2:30pm for Junior Kindergarten - Grade 12
7            First Day back after Christmas Holidays
8-11       Grade 12 ELA Provincial Examination
15          Report Cards Issued for Grades 9-12
15          Staff Meeting - Early Dismissal @ 2:30pm for Junior Kindergarten - Grade 12       
1              Third term for High School Begins; Registration Confirmation for High School
4-8           Artist in the School for Grades 1-4
5              Staff Meeting - Early dismissal @ 2:30pm for Junior Kindergarten - Grade 12
6              Report Cards Issued for Grades 9-12
18            Louis Riel Day NO SCHOOL for Junior Kindergarten - Grade 12
27-Mar 1    Divisional Frontier Games (Norway House)
5             Staff Meeting - Early Dismissal @ 2:30pm for Junior Kindergarten - Grade 12
15           Administration Day - NO SCHOOL for Junior Kindergarten - Grade 8
20-22      Mid-term Exams for Grades 9-12
21           Report Cards Issued for Junior Kindergarten - Grade 8
22           Last day of School before Spring Break; Early Dismissal @ 2:30pm for Junior Kindergarten - Gr12
1             NO SCHOOL for Junior Kindergarten-Grade 12; Parent/Guardian Teacher Conferences for JK-8,
               Administration Day for Grades 9-12
2             Parent/Guardian Teacher Conferences NO SCHOOL for Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten
5             Report Cards Issued for Grades 9-12
9             Staff Meeting - Early Dismissal @ 2:30pm for Junior Kindergarten - Grade 12
10-12     High School Frontier Games (Snow Lake)
15-19     Education Week
TBA       Scholastic Book Fair
1            Staff Meeting - Early Dismissal @ 2:30pm for Junior Kindergarten - Grade 12
6-10       Health Week
20          Victoria Day NO SCHOOL for Junior Kindergarten - Grade 12
24           Term 3 Final Exams begin for Grades 9-12
27           Term 4 Begins
30           Report Cards Issued for Grades 9-12
3-6         Grade 12 ELA Provincial Examination
5            Staff Meeting - Early Dismissal @ 2:30pm for Junior Kindergarten - Grade 12
17-18     Final Exams for Grade 12 level courses
20          Spring Concert
21          National Aboriginal Day
22          Grade 12 Graduation
24-25     Final Exams for Grade 9-11 level courses
27          Report Card Day for Grades 1-8; Early Dismissal @ 2:30pm for Junior Kindergarten - Grade 12
28          Administration Day